In the current era, people prefer watching videos to learn new things. They watch videos for a lot of purposes but mostly for learning and entertainment. Parents make their children watch videos to help them discover their talents. Women watch videos to learn cooking, stitching, and other stuff. Videos are playing an essential role in everyone’s lives nowadays. 

The quality of videos matters the most to people, and to make the best quality, you need the most reliable editing software. The software should be compatible with your devices. People using phones to edit videos tend to install free editing software because of the rise in mobile prices. They prefer spending on phones, so they want an affordable solution for editors. People that have editing as their career favor to spend on editing software with better qualities. 

What does editing software do?

Video editing software is the better version of analog editing tools and celluloid film editing instruments. These tools allow you to edit videos post-production on a non-linear system. 

Video editing software can modify, edit and manage a video. It can remove, cut, add effects, and add other stuff to a video to make it appealing. 

There are a lot of video editing software tools in the market with many identical features. Most of them provide automatic reformatting, cloud storage amenities, and browse through many free video clips. 

Best Video Editing Softwares 2021

Following are the top ten video editing software tools for you. This list includes both paid and free tools.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC:

Adobe Premiere helps you efficiently make changes to your videos. This video editing software tool allows you to move your video to different formats. These formats may include Audio-Video Interleaved (AVI), Material Exchange Format (MXF).

Features of Adobe Premiere:

Reformation of videos automatically

Extension of the editing platform

Management of curve adjustments

Getting immersive with the material you require to construct your video

Acceleration of audio mixing

2. Filmora:

Filmora is a video editing and making software application. This tool includes an intuitive user interface and video impressions. Filmora has features like excellent editing methods and control like keyframing on your video. 

Features of Filmora:

Helps you to be productive by providing adjustable preview quality, proxy files, and fast processing.

It provides PC or Mac cross-compatibility.

Helps you to fix camera problems like fish-eye. 

Helps you to change the appearance of your video.

Allows you to share your story online.

You can organize media in 100 full tracks of videos.

3. Icecream Apps Video-Editor:

Icecream Apps Video-editor is a simple and easy to use video editing app. This tool is for Windows. 

Icecream video editor makes changes quickly in your video. It offers video trimming, adding transactions, rotations, and other features.

Features of Icecream App include:

Allows video cropping.

Provides intuitive GUI.

Allows you to add effects to your videos.

Allows you to add a title to a video scene.

Offers a single timeline for video editing.

4. Media Composer:

Media composer is a free video editing software and is efficient. This tool allows modification and customization of the interface for any role of production. 

Media composer provides more power and speed to your videos.

Features of Media Composer include:

Allows you to modify any production role in your video.

Offers to combine the work-flows and work as a team.

This tool gives you a standard as an independent editor. 

5. PowerDirector Ultra:

PowerDirector is a creation of Cyberlink and is a software that allows you to customize shapes and objects and include them in your video. This tool offers support for titles in animation and motion graphics. 

Features of PowerDirector Ultra:

Edit and import videos shot directly from the camera.

Offers slow and fast motion feature.

Provides tons of templates.

You can produce videos with a 1:1 output ratio.

Allows you to add different shapes to your video.

Stabilizes moving or shaking videos.

Corrects color distortion in your videos.

Allows the importing of up to 8K videos.

6. MacXvideo:

MacXvideo is a video editing software, and Mac-OS uses it. This tool helps in the compression of videos of 4 to 8K with ease. This software makes sharing of videos through apps like Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp easy.

Features of MacXvideo:

Allows working on multi-track videos at the same time.

Applies effect quickly to your videos.

Allows editing of video from any device. For example, tablet, PC, mobile camera. cameras and camcorders.

Allows the merge of more than one video clip in a single source.

Supports MP4 and HEVC.

Allows the shrinking videos you make with High Frame Rates.

7. WeVideo:

We-video is the collaborative and online editing software that works on the internet. People use this software to change the background of their videos. This tool ensures the production of videos with high-quality.

Features of Wevideo editing software:

Helps you to inspire learning significant and creative representation in any subject. 

Allows editing through multiple devices like mobile phones, Mac, Windows, and Chromebook.

Provides amazing home movies that help bring life to your beautiful memories.

Provides a lot of cloud storage for video editing.

Provides multiple forms of custom texts, colors, and emojis for your video.

8. Camtasia:

Camtasia is a video editing software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This tool helps produce professional-looking videos. 

Features of Camtasia video editing software include:

Allows creating videos and pictures to give feedback.

Provides the feature of zoom-in, zoom-out, and pan animation for videos.

Allows importing and recording of your presentation videos.

Allows you to streamline the process of your video review.

Helps you to add interactivity and quiz to your videos.

Provides appealing quotes, titles, notes, and callouts. 

Allows screen recording and easy video editing. 

Provides more than 900,000 stock music, videos, and transformable assets.

9. Wave:

Wave is a video editing software brands use to create content that helps them to attract an audience.

Features of Wave

Allows the addition of logs to your videos.

Allows you to import your images, videos, and music with a simple drag-and-drop feature.

Can change the aspect ratio of your video with more than 30 different and popular sizes. These sizes are available for every social media platform.

Makes video editing easy with stock media and image library.

10. In-video:

In-video is a video editing software that helps you convert your videos into their best quality. This tool assists you in making your blogs and articles into a presentable video. 

Features of In-video editing software:

Provides automatic text-to-speech feature.

Allows you to add a logo to your existing launch.

Best app for beginners to create and find new templates and add them to your video.

Has more than 1500 premium video templates.

Allows conversion of blogs and articles into a video.

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