Video editing is one of the most fun and exciting experiences around, especially if you’re passionate about taking videos and adding further glory to them.

Video editing allows you to make certain changes in your video like the different filters. It also allows you to put out some effects inside like the slow motion, fast forward, voice change, etc.

You can also crop out a certain part of the video that you do not like. It is as simple and as easy as that.

Today’s article is all about the Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps For Android.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android to Edit Like a Pro

We are going to discuss the 10 Best Video Editing Apps to edit your videos professionally like a pro on android devices.

We have discussed the apps, pros and cons of each app.  So, read the article till the end and enjoy it.


Inshot Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Worried about keeping way too many apps for video editing in your phone?

Ever had a difficulty posting half pictures to your Instagram?

Well, fret not. With a shot in your hands, you are at more comfort than you can imagine.

This is one of the best Video Editing Apps For Android, which will blow your mind. Inshot adds beautiful backgrounds to your video, lets you crop, edit, and even add effects to them.

You can also add different types of media to your video files and bring more life to them either with the built-in music player or directly from the library.

To cut it all short, Inshot does all the basic video editing work for you which you may be needed daily.

The best part about in shot is the fact that you can remove the Inshot watermark from your videos.


Perfect for everyday use

Allows you to perfectly edit your Instagram videos

Turn your videos to life with the live stickers


Good for only daily video editing


Adobe Premiere Clip (Video Editing Apps for Android)

Adobe premium is one of the free apps by Adobe, which makes it no less than one of the apps for Android.

This app is simple, bold, and straight. Just like other apps, you can edit your videos efficiently with the basic tools, all you have to do is tap, and an array of options appear up the screen.

However, what is different about the adobe premiere clip is the fact that you can actually save your video to Adobe Creative Cloud and access it from any of your devices.

This is amazing if you’re a person who uses multiple devices.


Extremely easy to use for people of any age

One of the free apps by Adobe

Includes brilliant ideas


It has got limited options


Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Need a video editing app to give you all professional tools in a simple nutshell?

What more could you ask for your video editing other than the Filmora Go?

Filmora Go is an amazing video editing app which speaks for itself.

Its amazing and simple layout design is the first thing that impresses the eye as you open it.

It is packed with amazing themes, video effects, texts, editing tools like trimming or splitting, etc and many other options which will add beauty to your videos in a professional way.

It also is one of the Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps For Android, which does not add a watermark to your videos, which makes it a perfect choice to have.

You can easily mix photos and videos with this app and make a real-time movie as well.


This app is available in multiple languages

You get many options to choose from

Best beautiful framing options


It does not support many music formats.

4- QUIK:

This incredible video editing software by GoPro could be your next best friend when it comes to video editing.

Trust us, when we tell you QUIK is amazing, it is. Grab images from the video you captured or easily select them from your device.

Saving a video will not take up most of your time, which is a plus point. You can also share videos very easily with QUIK.

It also provides telemetric data to your apps like speed, distance, altitude, elevation, G-force, and GPS.

QUIK contains all the basic tools for video editing with amazing themes and effects that will make you say WOW.


Video sharing was never so easy before

It has the slow-motion effect which most video editors lack

You can also add watermarks besides texts to your images.


The layout could be much easier to use in our opinion

5- Power Director VIDEO EDITING APP:

The Power Director is one amazing, easy to use, intuitive, and a speedy app which is good for basic or normal video editing.

As compared to its other competitors in the market, this video editing app has quite a lot of catching up to do.

This app is extremely useful for people who want to quickly edit something to save up some extra time.

It is so easy to use that people of all ages can easily use it and make magic happen with their own hands.

Edit video, add filters to them, cut them or trim them, frame them or add sound effects to them, all and everything in the palm of your hand.

PowerDirector Video Editing App for Android


Easy to use interface

Amazingly quick at taking actions


It can perfectly edit 360-degree videos

This video editing app has got less on the plate as compared to the rest of its competitors.


Video Show (One of the best Video Editing Apps for Android)

Video show video editor is one of the few Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps For Android, which was ranked as No one video editing and making an app in many countries.

Amazing huh? We think that too. So what has this video editing and making app got in store for us?

For starters, it has more than what you need for that perfect video editing style. This app has an incredibly easy and intuitive user-friendly design.

The input you give in is worth the output you get since the options are many and you get many options to choose from.

You can do whatever it is that you like while you edit your video and this app has got it all in store for you.


Easy to grasp design

You can use all types of sound effects, transitions, recordings, songs, etc.

Versatility is one word you can describe this app in

Extremely reliable

The premium version of this app can be an amazing video editing pack anyone can have.


Ads can be a problem if you’re not gone premium.


Movie Maker Filmaker (Video Editing App)

Even though video editing is one tough and heavy job to perform and we all can agree on that. The movie maker filmmaker is one of those apps which turns this heavy work into something light.

Whether it is trimming, editing your video, recording them or having to crop them out, let this app do its magic on your videos. You can even design your very own custom filters.

Apart from that, this app won’t take up most of the battery power on your android. It also gets things done pretty fast, and the sharing option is also really cool.


Beautiful layout

Light power consuming app

Allows you to have your custom filters over your videos

One of the best apps for android


This app needs to cope up with bug issues.


Video Show (One of the best Video Editing Apps for Android)

Viva video is one of the most famous and the most used video editing apps of all time. No doubt it does wonder when it comes to video editing on Android, even though we feel like it takes quite more time processing as its many other competitors.

It can be called a video editor which can be used for professional use over Android, and many video editing professionals tend to use it.

It contains all the basic stuff like adding sounds effects or sounds, adding texts, filters, video effects, frames, etc to your videos, you can also crop or trim them.

Things are done, but in a very professional way. All these professional video editing tools will make sure your video speaks to the world what you want it to.


Perfect for professionals who want to edit videos over android

Gives you much versatility in one platform


Can be tricky to use for beginners.


Need a video editing app which makes sharing and editing easy so it can be reported to the world out there within a matter of seconds?

Kinemaster has got your thumb. This app does exactly what it has been made to do. Kinemaster will share all your videos in the blink of an eye to all your desired media platforms.

This app has all the basic features at hand for you, which makes it easy to use. However, its premium version is packed with a lot more fun because of the versatility in features. Audio effects are not available on this one

Kine Master (Video Editing App)


Perfect for bloggers/ vloggers

Easy to use

Speedy and instant sharing


Watermark removal feature is not available on this video editor.


Magisto Video Editing App

Magisto video editor has provided its video editing services for both marketings as well as many business professionals for nearly a decade now.

Besides all the basic video editing features, Magisto is known for its vast music library with millions of songs present in it. The analytics and insights feature is something which makes it so attractive for many marketers out there.

Marketers can easily build their professional-grade marketing collateral in the highest video resolution, i.e. 1080p.

Even though magisto is an amazing application. It is best used when in the package. It comes with three different packages, basic premium, and a free seven-day trial.


Very versatile in its options

You can select from a broad variety of options

Easy to use

Perfect for professional use


It is best used when subscribed.

Final Verdict

All right, folks! This was a wrap. We hope that you find this article on the Best Video Editing Apps For Android helpful and found it equally informative. Video editing is a job that involves much hard work, especially for professionals. Others need an easy way out. The whole procedure of the editing depends from person to person, which is why we had a variety of apps for you. So everyone can choose their app from the list.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments below. Also, tell us what video editing app do you use?

Until next time, off we go.


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